March’s Lash Bash Box is here!

This month we threw a party for your eyes: including sparkle, shimmer, and a little drama, too. Peep inside March’s Lash Bash Box below! Every BB5 Babe received: Prestige Cosmetics True Metals Eyeshadow          We can all use another eyeshadow and there’s nothing wrong with adding to your collection— we love collecting and[…]

5 Ways To Wipe Away Your Makeup Woes (Literally)

This month’s featured Cleansing Facial Wipes from Simple Skincare (our personal fave wipe!) aren’t messing around (pun intended). They really remove your makeup, all while instantly hydrating your face without leaving behind a greasy residue. (We know, the obsession is so real.) However, BB5 Babes are multi-tasking mavens, and we wanted to up the “favorite”[…]

Cats, Meditation, and Makeup Remover: How Team BB5 Relaxes (No, Seriously)

It’s National Relaxation Day, babes — and if you feel anything but calm, you’re not alone. Listen, we get it – sometimes life is so crazy and full and fast that you barely have time to get all your mascara off at the end of the day, much less soak away your troubles in a[…]

Your New Skincare Staple Is Here (And Yes, It’s Really Cute)

I’m just going to be real: something about “all-in-one” just sounds less than sexy. Maybe it’s because after working in products all day, there’s this seemingly luxurious feeling about a super-stacked vanity of shiny bottles and alluring elixirs that you layer like a fabulous mad scientist of skincare and makeup, with a complicated primping process[…]

July Unboxed: Road Trip Ready!

What’s one thing you think of when summertime rolls through? We don’t know about you, but when it gets summer-y, we start getting restless for a road trip! There is nothing more spontaneous than hopping in the car with your best girlfriends and your best playlists and heading to the nearest beach or big city. However, one thing about spontaneity is it doesn’t allow a lot of time to plan or pack, (and for our fellow makeup addicts and high maintenance gals, this can pose a problem!) but BB5’s got got the solution!


June Unboxed: Made In The Shade!

June is here and we think you’re hot enough already: so why compete with more heat? 😉 The products in this month’s box include are everything you need to ‘shade’ your complexion with sun-kissed bronzer and glowy highlight, gradually tan your face without any harmful rays, and stay cool and brushed to perfection out of[…]

Erin’s Favorite Highlighters: All Under $20

Erin at Team BB5 here! A dramatic highlight has become the newest makeup trend that all the ladies want to follow and I’m not an exception. I’ve always loved the idea of golden glow underneath my foundation. Even when I was first learning about makeup I was obsessed with the idea of glam and gold.[…]

Give Back While You Glow: Our Favorite Charitable Products That (Actually) Work

Allow me to come clean: (and not just literally with the body wash pictured below) the rush that I get when I find a new product to obsess over is a stupidly addictive feeling. It’s not that I’d classify myself as a shopaholic, but I just adore when the stylish stars of the beauty universe[…]