Arnica: Fun To Say and Also A Total Lifesaver

One of our main goals at BB5 is to always be on trend – which is why we’re so excited that tried-and-true remedies are becoming popular again. If a product ain’t broke, you might as well order it again and again, and when we got the chance to feature Arnica Salve by De La Cruz in May’s Box, we couldn’t wait to use it for all our summer skin woes! This isn’t arnica’s first time around the block – in fact, it’s been used for centuries (your boho-chic Aunt probably already buys it in bulk), and once you’ve sampled this all-star ingredient, it’s hard to imagine your medicine cabinet without it.

Arnica (pronounced arrr-nih-cuh – very scientific, we know) is a yellow flower native to Europe. When incorporated in a super-hydrating salve that goes to work instantly on cracked, dry skin, it’s a no brainer to want to almost bathe in it to feel better and moisturized at the same time!

Some of Team BB5’s favorite ways to use this little jar of magic include:

…on damp skin to lock in moisture!

The thicker formula really seals in the goodness of your shower and keeps skin majorly moisturized.

…after a manicure!

Cranky cuticles are the worst, but a dab on any dry spots will leave your hands smooth and refreshed.

…on knees and elbows!

When you want to look like hot fire, there’s no time for ash. Rub a small amount – a little goes a long way! – into any dry patches. (Some might even say the tub is perfectly elbow-sized. 😉 )

…before summer sandal season really gets going!

Don’t fear the beach! Help ease your toes into the summer with our overnight trick: apply a thicker layer all over feet and cover with socks to wake up to softness.

…anytime you need a pick-me-up!

The smell is effervescently minty, and the mini tub won’t spill in your purse like a lotion, so glowy skin is always in reach!

What are your favorite ways to use it, babes?
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