5 Ways To Wipe Away Your Makeup Woes (Literally)

This month’s featured Cleansing Facial Wipes from Simple Skincare (our personal fave wipe!) aren’t messing around (pun intended). They really remove your makeup, all while instantly hydrating your face without leaving behind a greasy residue.
(We know, the obsession is so real.)

However, BB5 Babes are multi-tasking mavens, and we wanted to up the “favorite” label even more with routine-saving face wipe quick fixes.

Since you’ve already fallen in love with using them to take off your fiercest face at the end of the day, why not also…

Lighten excess contour shading

Nobody said Instagram Makeup was easy. We all have that oops moment, admit it. Refine your technique before you buff in your cream contour by swiping away at any overdone areas with the wipe gently, then blend and apply foundation on top. (Ta-da!)

Fix an eyeliner wing gone wrong!

Too much of a good wing? It happens to the best of us. For the most control, wrap the wipe around your pointer finger and drag your nail closely from tip to lid to thin out the shape! These wipes will be your best friend to help even the strongest of wings.

Wipe away liquid lipstick outside the lines

For pretty pout precision, use the same finger-wrapping wipe technique as the eyeliner wing fix to gently remove any stubborn pigment that took over-lining a little too far. You’ll thank us later.

Clean away makeup trial swatches from your hands

BB5 Tip: press and hold the wipe against skin for a few seconds to let it saturate the area first. (Even better, toss a pack of wipes in your purse before shopping for new shades and you’ll be set!) Wipe residue off the inside of your makeup bag

Toting your must-have products around can leave a mark (or two). Remove any stains or spills in one swoop to keep your cosmetics case fresh.

What’s your favorite way to #MakeUp4Makeup using this month’s Simple Skincare Cleansing Wipes, babes? Simple Skincare will help you remove make up from your face (and make up bag) and put the good stuff – like instant hydration – back in. Share your #MakeUp4Makeup moment with us in the comments!

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