Cats, Meditation, and Makeup Remover: How Team BB5 Relaxes (No, Seriously)


It’s National Relaxation Day, babes — and if you feel anything but calm, you’re not alone.

Listen, we get it – sometimes life is so crazy and full and fast that you barely have time to get all your mascara off at the end of the day, much less soak away your troubles in a long bath or book a massage – but everyone’s got their own calling card for chilled out bliss. Here at Team BB5 we think a DIY spa treatment is just as important as a soothing, no-checking-emails-not-even-on-your-phone vacation to destress, and so we’re sharing our fave ways and products to help you catch a relaxing vibe – both big and small.

Onto the good stuff! Here’s what helps us simmer down:


Favorite way to relax: My favorite way to relax is lighting a candle, putting on a face mask, and cuddling up with a cat on the couch. I have three cats (two Bengals and a rescue) so there’s always at least one of them that’s ready for a nap.

Favorite relaxing product: I love sweet scents so the Jaqua Sinfully Rich Buttercream Frosting Soy Candle is perfect for me. It makes my home smell as if I just baked cupcakes. Yum! Sheet masks, like this month’s Global Beauty Care’s Retinol Sheet Mask, are my favorite because they are so easy to put on and take off.


Favorite way to relax: I will never be too busy to end a crazy day with a good mud mask & meditation session; *shout out* to my go-to app, Stop, Breathe & Think!

Favorite relaxing product: I’m just obsessed with Purlisse Pur~Protect SPF 30! It’s my all-time favorite moisturizer (I use it all day, every day) It’s seriously so light and makes my skin feel insanely soft! (P.S. this box includes the full-size!) 😉


Favorite way to relax: As a makeup enthusiast I often have a ton and a half of product on my face at all times. For me, a full-face includes foundation, false lashes, and lipstick among other forms of beauty constraints. This means I have to constantly check if my face is staying in place while simultaneously trying not to ruin the masterpiece I created. Sometimes a girl needs to rub her eye! So, one of my favorite ways to relax is taking of my makeup at the end of the day. Then I’m free to touch my face and fully relax the day away.

Favorite relaxing product: I love the Happy Face Cleansing Cloth! It’s great for lazy days when I don’t fully feel like washing my face. The cloth removes all traces of my makeup with just water and doesn’t irritate my skin. It’s reusable, so it’s really the perfect tool for any glam girl to have.


Favorite way to relax: I love to be submerged in water with a good playlist cranked up loudly- but I’m not picky!- beach, lake, river, pool, jacuzzi, bathtub – all of them count as a “spa” to me.

Favorite relaxing product: Natural Style By FUBU’s Deep Conditioner! I have big, unruly lions-mane frizz, but 15-25 minutes of this in my hair (piled in a bun and secured with this month’s soft ties from Did Hair!) leaves it smooth, shiny, and strong– plus, that’s 25 minutes to watch a show, read, or sip some wine in the tub!

What’s your fave way to kick back with beauty, babes? Let us know in the comments!

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