Your New Skincare Staple Is Here (And Yes, It’s Really Cute)


I’m just going to be real: something about “all-in-one” just sounds less than sexy. Maybe it’s because after working in products all day, there’s this seemingly luxurious feeling about a super-stacked vanity of shiny bottles and alluring elixirs that you layer like a fabulous mad scientist of skincare and makeup, with a complicated primping process to top it all off, instead of a do-it-all solution that sounds much more hardware store than cosmetic counter. However, some schedules are just too long, and some routines don’t always stay consistent after a tiring day of traveling, a hectic work week, running errands all over or just literally running around catching rare Pokémon in your neighborhood (hey, I’m not judging).

When you’re in a rush or you’re just trying to simplify, suddenly one product that does it all is like a pampering angel sent from above to solve your skincare woes with a wave of her wing (or, in this case, an adorable tiny pink spatula). This cherub’s name? Mirakle Cream by The Better Skin Co.

I’ll admit, I was a bit skeptical of anything with “miracle” in the title, as I think it could be over-promising just a bit, but this little tub of perfection has calmed and hydrated my skin enough that I will let it keep the title and open up the heavens of my medicine cabinet to stay and then some. The thick-but-not-too-thick formula means that a little of this cream goes a long way, but it absorbs quickly so you can use it anywhere- and by that I mean I have slathered a tiny amount on my face and neck before bed as a night cream, on my bright-pink shoulders after I spent a little too long in the sun, as well as on dry elbows, rough cuticles, and on my itchy razor-burned legs, too! I’ve mixed it with my favorite facial oil after using a drying detoxifying mask to restore moisture to my skin and I’ve had absolutely no sensitivity issues as it’s fragrance-free and packed full of soothing hyaluronic acid, beeswax, coconut oil, shea butter, aloe, and more. This cutie comes with a small spatula that fits on the lid so that you don’t have to dip your fingers into the tub (and so that you can feel like a fabulous spoiled housewife vacationing in the French Alps and applying her divine skincare with a dainty little spoon…or is that just me?) and the pretty printed label makes me want to leave it out on my counter to brighten things up.

Don’t just take it from me, here’s what one of our fave bloggers, Kara (who received it in our sister subscription, Lilee) is loving:

“Simple and effective products are the type of products I search for, as I am always careful with the ingredients I put onto my skin. The cream is gluten-free, paraben-free and fragrance free! Fragrance free is important for my sensitive skin! Beside the ingredients, I am also in love with how this makes my skin feel! It is a very thick cream, so I personally do not use this on my face…I love to use this on my body. I love using it when I get right out of the shower- once my legs are freshly shaven- and I apply an even thin layer on my legs. Letting it sink in overnight leaves my legs incredibly silky smooth- it is unreal! I even convinced my mother to buy it!”

See? Even the mom seal of approval is strong with this one.

So, what am I going to do with all my other shiny bottles now that I’ve got one product for so many multiple fabulous uses? While I’ll still work my way through them and will probably always own more than I technically need (hey, product junkies don’t change overnight!), it’s oh-so nice to have a hardworking-but-gentle cream to keep my skin happy in any situation- and to keep my carryon luggage light from just having to bring 1 thing for all my complexion complications!

The real question, though: do you think I’ll ever get the “…there can be miracles” song from The Prince Of Egypt out of my head every time I look at Mirakle Cream on my nightstand? Probably not…but I’m not complaining (and neither are your desk neighbors when you crank up that Whitney + Mariah after reading this post at work).

Wishing you so many skincare Mirakles!



P.S. You can $10 off your purchase from our friends at The Better Skin Co. with code BB5 at checkout through 8/10!


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