July Unboxed: Road Trip Ready!

What’s one thing you think of when summertime rolls through? We don’t know about you, but when it gets summer-y, we start getting restless for a road trip! There is nothing more spontaneous than hopping in the car with your best girlfriends and your best playlists and heading to the nearest beach or big city. However, one thing about spontaneity is it doesn’t allow a lot of time to plan or pack, (and for our fellow makeup addicts and high maintenance gals, this can pose a problem!) but BB5’s got got the solution!

July’s box theme is “Road Trip Ready” and is filled with all the things a glam girl needs on a casual trip out of town. We wanted to create a box to be your go-to when a random trip pops up. (Meaning: throw the contents of July’s box into a makeup bag and you’re ready to run out the door and meet your friends!)

So what exactly are Team BB5’s road trip essentials? Let’s peek inside this cruisin’ collection and review!

Item one was our sneak peek: a full-size eyeshadow in assorted colors from our friends at Hikari Cosmetics!


Before you roll your eyes and say ‘boring’ – these shadows are the perfect traveling companion. You never want to take your large, expensive eyeshadow palette on trips. Why? Because what if you drop it? What if you lose it? What if you spill gas station coffee on your favorite shade? (GASP!) Your Hikari shadow can replace that big, bulky palette while traveling in a snap and, plus, these singles are highly pigmented, glide on skin so very easily, and last all day! With 8 colors you can potentially see in your box, the possibilities for en route looks are endless and all shades are on-trends (hello, neutrals and shimmers!) look great on any skin tone and even when layered. Whether you’re a matte maven, shimmer sweetheart, or glitter gal there is a shade for you. (Bonus tip: For a foiled, metallic look, wet your brush with setting spray or water before applying.)

We also understand a lot of Hikari eyeshadows are arriving a broken mess in your box- and we’re so bummed! Unfortunately, we can’t hand deliver them all ourselves, but we’ll absolutely send you a new shadow – just shoot us a quick email at help@beautybox5.com and we’ll be happy to replace it! For those of you who can’t throw anything away or fancy yourselves a DIY, we have a video solution to this crumbled eyeshadow issue below:

How to fix any and all broken eyeshadows (or highlighters!):

  1. Using a q-tip, eyeshadow applicator, or similar item, crush the broken eyeshadow until it looks like powder.
  2. Fill the alcohol cap with a little alcohol and gently pour in the eyeshadow container with the powder shadow.
  3. Mix the powder eyeshadow and alcohol to create a goopy mixture. It will be messy!
  4. With the other side of your q-tip, clean up the edges of the container to your liking.
  5. Pick up the wet shadow by the base of the container and flatly drop it on the table. This is done to create a flattened shadow so it looks new. Repeat this step about three or four times.
  6. Let the shadow properly dry. This will take about 2-3 hours.
  7. Use, blend, and enjoy!

The second item that’s coming to a vanity near you is a round blending brush from us at BB5.


We are so excited to present you guys with another supersoft brush with so many uses. Bust this baby out to blend eyeshadow (like the Hikari above!) to perfection or buff highlight on your cheekbones. You could even use it to sweep and blend on contour! (In fact, hmmm…maybe we’ll film a tutorial on the many ways to use this brush. 😉 ) It can do double duty and replace multiple brushes so your bag isn’t so heavy and overflowing, and you can travel even lighter. Plus, if blending is your cardio, you’ve got to get some exercise in before sitting in the car all day, right? You’re welcome.

Remember the brush from last month? The oval head from Sweep Beauty? We absolutely heart this brand more than you know and they have graced our presence again with another amazing beauty duo. May we present: this gorgeous pair of rose gold tweezers with a mini mirror to match!


Every savvy chick knows the car is optimal time to pluck those stray chin or eyebrow hairs, because REAL TALK: the sunlight really makes them stand out. Keep these tweezers in your middle console for red light plucks and touch-ups for you and your girls. Plus, someone always needs tweezers for some reason on every trip (better safe than sorry!) and they’re a great tool to bring if you want to be Road Trip Ready! We love these tweezers especially because they have a great super sharp tip that’s perfect for grabbing those tiny fine hairs and precision brow shaping, and they are just about the prettiest shiniest hue we could dream up.

Every gal is different on a road trip. Some babes wear a full face, even if they are gonna be in the car all day, while others opt for a more simple look. Even if we are gonna be playing the license plate game for a few hours, Team BB5 needs some kind of makeup so we don’t scare anyone. (You never know who might be at the next rest stop!)


We always recommend filling in your brows, whether you’re wearing a full-face or a light look, since they frame the face and a bold brow can give the illusion of being put together when in reality you just rolled out of bed and hopped in your ride. We love the super fine tip on Chella’s Tantalizing Taupe Eyebrow Pencil, as it’s ideal for shaping the perfect precise brow and there’s no sharpener needed! (Oh, and did we mention it pairs perfectly with last month’s Brow and Lash Brush by Prestige Cosmetics? It’s like we planned it or something…!)

Lastly, what happens when you get to your destination and you need a little pre-vacay glow before you head out to the pool? We can help with that with one of the cutest beauty tools we’ve ever included: the Mini Mitt by SkinnyTan!


This Australian brand is known for their incredible formulas that include Guarana – a natural skin smoothing caffeine-like ingredient – and means their sunless tanner also reduces cellulite, too. The mini mitt (or mitt-lette) is the perfect size to apply any kind of tanner (mousse! liquid! cream! foam!) to your face or smaller areas of the body, plus, it’s tiny enough to fit in your smallest toiletries bag. The velvety mitt texture ensures your tanner will go on evenly and streak-free, and keeps your fingers from getting stained, too! You could pair it with another formula by SkinnyTan, the Mystic Tan bronzing lotion from May’s box or the VersaSpa Gradual Face Tanner from June’s box – because hey, we love a good completed product trio. 😉

Which product are you crushing on the most in July’s box, babes? What are you hoping for more of in August? Let us know in the comments!

( P.S. Missed out on July? There’s still time to get your box! Sign up before the 22nd to get everything shown above!)

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