June Unboxed: Made In The Shade!

June is here and we think you’re hot enough already: so why compete with more heat? 😉

The products in this month’s box include are everything you need to ‘shade’ your complexion with sun-kissed bronzer and glowy highlight, gradually tan your face without any harmful rays, and stay cool and brushed to perfection out of the sun!

Brush Crush

You can never have enough makeup brushes, so we went overboard in the best way this month by sending 2 of our favorite classic styles of brushes – an extremely useful brow & lash beauty by Prestige Cosmetics and the new all-over-Instagram oval-shape by Sweep Beauty.

Sweep Beauty’s oval head is ideal for contour and highlight placement, but also works beautifully for foundation, too!


At the end of the day, this tool is for blending. If you are new to this style (and many are!), Team BB5 filmed a short tutorial for all you first timers. View it here:

You probably have already seen a cute brow and lash brush around the internet or maybe you’re owned one, but we think every makeup junkie needs a few of these Prestige Cosmetics duos laying around their vanity, since they can be used for so many things.


The bristle side is ideal for creating natural-looking filled brows. After you swipe on your brow pencil or pomade, give your brows a quick brush to diffuse the shade and make it less harsh. Flip over to the comb side to de-clump lashes from a mascara-gone-crazy moment – spidery lashes no more!

Show Some Face

If there was one thing we’d ask you to write on your mirror in lipstick as a reminder (besides, “BB5 loves you!”) it would be to WEAR SPF. The sun can wreak so much havoc on your pretty face, and we’re big believers in both prevention and treatment.


Rather than waiting for your tan and inflicting damage, create your own color with Versaspa’s Face Moisturizing Gradual Tanner. It is a build-able product, so it won’t shock you with a suddenly-bronzed face and contains Marine Algae to help wrinkles and luminous skin appearance, too! Smooth it onto your cleansed face and wash your hands after application; color will develop slowly over a week or so.

Even if you’re a dedicated sunscreen wearer, you can still give your complexion some TLC with Pur~lisse’s Sheet Masks in Blue Lotus + White Tea + Seaweed! Both are extremely moisturizing after a day outside in the heat, or just to wind down after a long week.


To get the most out of your mask: open and smooth onto cleansed skin, and leave on for 15-20 minutes (taking a selfie while wearing is totally optional but so encouraged!). When you’re done, remove and massage the essences into your skin. One of our favorite mask hacks? Toss it in the fridge for a few hours for a super-cooling sensation, or steep it in hot water (be sure to let it cool off some!) to open your pores for better absorption of the skin-magic ingredients.

Shade & Strobe

If you have been subscribed with us for a while, you know we adore Manna Kadar! Their products are so pigmented and long lasting and Team BB5 loves this month’s screw-off Radiance bronzer & highlight duo for multiple reasons.


First, it’s a high quality, velvet texture– you can tell right away when it’s swatched on your finger or hand! The highlight portion allows for a subtle glow and the contour side is beautiful for a sun-kissed look. We have also become obsessed with using the duo as eyeshadow- especially applied with a wet brush to create a foiled look. After testing this product on babes of various skin tones and types, it creates a beautiful universal look across the board and doesn’t aggravate sensitive skin. Three cheers for Manna Kadar and the versatility and quality of their products!

What’s been your favorite product in June, babes? What do you want to see next month? Let us know in the comments!

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