Give Back While You Glow: Our Favorite Charitable Products That (Actually) Work

Allow me to come clean: (and not just literally with the body wash pictured below) the rush that I get when I find a new product to obsess over is a stupidly addictive feeling. It’s not that I’d classify myself as a shopaholic, but I just adore when the stylish stars of the beauty universe align and send me a sign via a new perfect addition to makeup and skincare routine. Of course, this means that I tend to try out a few dozen trends and welcome new brands and formulas for all sorts of reasons, but no matter what, my top criteria is that they actually WORK (like that new Rihanna song) and that they keep performing amazingly (like Rihanna with each live version of her new song that I keep watching on Youtube).

While not every single product meets my high standards, I’m extremely loyal to the ones that do, and so when the products I buy over and over actually make a difference beyond my own makeup bag, too, it’s like a haute homerun! Sure, there’s a warm fuzzy feeling that comes with supporting a giving organization each time you beautify, but if the product itself doesn’t wow you, no amount of charity is going to make you repurchase it. That being said, allow me to introduce a swoon-worthy world-changing brand: Soapbox!


April’s Beauty Box 5 featured a deluxe sample of SoapBox Sea Minerals body wash, and I’ll be honest: I was excited that the brightly colored bottle told me that for each bottle bought, SoapBox donates a bar of soap to someone in need, but I was also curious about how the suds would satisfy my sensitive skin. A few scrubs in and I was completely obsessed. Not only does this body wash smell like I borrowed it from an expensive spa, (like, one that’s priced way beyond my usual treat-your-self weekly budget of a few Netflix rentals and a face mask) but it also actually moisturized my skin with rich shea butter and washed away with no clingy feeling. As if my product crush couldn’t grow any more: it’s made in the USA, cruelty-free, vegan, paraben-free, so easy to find at my local Target, and the bottle is made with 100% recyclable materials, meaning that I’ll be able to do good by giving back with each purchase while feeling good each time I lather up.

Talk about a life-changing shower.

Want to add some more empowerment to your bathroom cabinet? Here’s a few more of our favorite brands that give back!


1. Your love for Soapbox doesn’t just have to stop at Sea Minerals! They also make shampoo, conditioner, hand soap, lotion, bar soap, and body wash in all different scents- like this refreshingly delicious Bataua Fruit. Don’t forget to copy the Hope Code printed on the back of each full-size bottle and type it in their website to see exactly where your donation goes!

2. While we were already here for the pretty packaging and gorgeous organic lipstick shades from Axiology, we flipped over how they give back: including recycled boxes sourced sustainably in Bali and a portion of their proceeds going to animal welfare organizations. That’s one major muah!

3. We featured Lasting Smiles Organic Lip Balm in our beauty boxes last year, after hearing their amazing promise: for each 1,000 lip balms sold, one child receives life-changing cleft lip or cleft palate surgery. They work globally to provide jobs in sourcing their materials and make their tasty sticks (like this yummy Passionfruit Mango!) with good-for-you ingredients.

4. Girl power looks SO good. Make Beauty’s stunningly designed skincare and cosmetics already blow us away, but hearing that 10% of their sales go toward the We See Beauty Foundation that supports women entrepreneurs with cooperative businesses? That just makes us want to buy the glowy Universal Stick in bulk now.

5. These pretty bottles by Afterfeather Refillables are much less boring than your regular travel vessels, and they fly high when packed aboard your suitcase and with their charitable efforts. Each set is made in the USA with 25% post-consumer plastic, and 10% of their proceeds go to charities that have a direct impact on their employees!

What give-back brands did we miss? Let us know in the comments, babes!



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