Erin’s Favorite Highlighters: All Under $20

Erin at Team BB5 here! A dramatic highlight has become the newest makeup trend that all the ladies want to follow and I’m not an exception. I’ve always loved the idea of golden glow underneath my foundation. Even when I was first learning about makeup I was obsessed with the idea of glam and gold. So, now that your makeup cannot be on fleek without a highlighter covering your cheekbones, I have decided to write a post on my three favorite highlights. Reminder: everyone has different skin tones and types, but these brands are great for everyone and the prices aren’t too bad either.

Manna Kadar 3-in-1 Pigment in Fantasy $19


I first came in contact with Manna Kadar through February’s box! This little beauty is a pigment that can be used as highlight, blush, or eyeshadow. It’s a little too sparkly for blush, in my opinion, especially since I usually have sparkle in my eyeshadow, but for a highlight, it is so perfect! I would use this as a blush if you are wearing a minimal look on the eyes. When I was testing this product, my coworkers asked me repeatedly what highlight I was using and they all know about Manna Kadar! This pigment catches the light with a rosy gold hue and, I think, is good for all skin tones. My tip for this solid pigment is to use a fan brush like Pro Fan Brush #65 from Sephora or #184 Duo Fibre Fan Brush from MAC Cosmetics and light sweep the color on the tops of your cheeks.

 Sephora Radiant Luminizing Drops  in Ultra Light $14


Say hello to my new everyday essential. Like I said earlier, your makeup cannot be on fleek without a badass sheen, and this is my go-to choice for a highlight. The color is perfect for my skin tone and leaves the MOST luminizing, golden glow. Like a glow that can be seen from space, which I love. During SXSW I had some random person yell to me, “Makeup on fleek!” and I’m fairly certain it was because of this highlight on my cheekbones. This is a liquid highlight and a little goes a long way, so the price of $14 is a steal to me. My advice is to use your fingers or your beauty blender to ensure the highlight is blended on your skin. Sephora created three different shades of these drops, so make sure to pick the best color for your skin tone.

 NYX Born to Glow Liquid Illuminator $7.50


This is the highlight I wear when I’m rocking a less dramatic makeup look. Despite the shiny look of this liquid, when blended in, it has a very subtle glow on my skin tone. An everyday highlight, I would call it: something you quickly put on while running out of the door at the last minute to get to work, but at a price of $7.50, what do you really expect? For this price, I love this highlight and I think it’s a great highlight for beginners. NYX has four shades of this particular illuminator. These two are named Sun Goddess and Gleam. The two others (not pictured) are named Sunbeam and Pure Gold. I like that NYX took into consideration that everyone doesn’t have fair skin or dark skin and created shades for every makeup user. My darker skinned ladies should stick to Sun Goddess and Pure Gold, while fair skinned ladies should go for Sunbeam and Gleam.

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