When Life Gives You Lip Pencils, Make Sangria!

Babes, we have a confession to make: we’re kind of absolutely obsessed with being exclusive. You know, like, giving you products you can’t find just anywhere. So, that being said, we went a little liner crazy this month, but we think you’ll love the outcome. 😋

With February being our birthday month, we couldn’t resist celebrating in every way possible- and customizing is one of our favorite things to do! Any time we can making a one-of-a-kind beauty fave for you, babes, we jump at the chance and this time around, Starlooks made our lip pencil dreams come true!

We picked a mauve shade to feature in every February box because, well, Kylie was onto something with her mauve obsession, no? It’s the shade of the moment, while serving as the perfect color for transitioning from winter to spring and looking oh-so flattering on every skin tone.

Of course, naming is everything, so while we’re celebrating our 4 years of existing (all thanks to you, by the way!), we thought we’d pop a bottle (responsibly, of course) and call it Sultry Sangria. And, while we were naming, we thought it only appropriate to share a fave sangria recipe to share and pair with this lovely liner, because, well, duh, right?

So, if you’re feeling festive, here’s our own spin on (drinkable) Sultry Sangria!

BB5′s Sultry Sangria 


Gather all your materials, photograph them cutely, and maybe give a good hairflip for some extra sass because you are about to become a Sangria master. Proceed.


Core and slice your strawberries in half. Place them and the raspberries in a pretty pitcher and then muddle the berries in the bottom of the pitcher. (’Muddling’ is just a fancy word for ‘smooshing’, by the way.) We left a few pieces intact for presentation.


Next, add your watermelon juice. If you’d like, you can substitute really any fruit juice that suits your fancy- we just went with watermelon to make the best mauve-matching shade of sangria. 😉


Pour in Rosé to your liking. Not a wine gal? No problem! You can sub in another fruit juice (pineapple or cranberry would be divine!) or just add in more of that A+ watermelon juice, too.


Finally, cut your lime in half. Squeeze in the juice of one half (be careful- those seeds can get away from ya!) and slice the other half to place into the pitcher, too.

Once you’ve added everything, give it all a gentle shake and then place it in your fridge to let all those flavors combine for at least 12 hours. (We left ours in for closer to 26 because we’re rebels like that.)


When you’re ready to serve, add ice to your glasses and fill halfway with the sangria mixture, making sure some of that marinated fruit makes it into each glass! Top each glass off with ginger ale and sip gorgeously, babes!


The best part? Your Sultry Sangria lip pencil will last through a (or 4, who are we to judge?) glass of this concoction without smudging, so cheers, babes!


The BB5 Team

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