Take A Skin Spa With Jenny, Part 2: Juiced Up!

Hello beauty babes, it’s Jenny and I’m back to let you know how my second step in my skincare journey is going. I’ve now been using Juice Beauty’s Stem Cellular Repair Booster Serum for about three weeks, and it’s been a really gratifying jigsaw puzzle to figure out.

My skin was looking pretty clear from my wild spin with Palmetto Derma; my fine lines were hardly noticeable. Although I hadn’t used the entire bottle yet, I was satisfied with the results after a month and moved on to Juice Beauty. Like a kid in a toy store, I was just too thrilled to pass up the shiny new package.

Juice Beauty’s label promptly caught my eye. I already knew it was organic because I ordered it based on that biasedness for my finicky skin. The label says, “decreases DNA damage and improves cellular turnover.” The cellular turnover bit already had me eager to experiment. I’m always wishing for new skin, which I know is impossible, but it seemed like this little bottle had granted me a personal miracle.

At first, I followed the bottle’s instructions: apply night and day to a clean face. I would give it five minutes to absorb and go on about my routine. I began to notice my fine lines weren’t as faded with Juice Beauty as they were with Palmetto Derma. More importantly, I noticed my face seemed red and irritated when I took my makeup off at the end of the day. The reason I ordered this specific serum was because I wanted to reduce redness with Juice Beauty’s high concentration of Vitamin C.

I spoke to our in-house makeup artist about my concerns. She informed me Vitamin C can cause photosensitivity, or inflammation of the skin induced by sunlight. We came up with a solution that works with my skin flawlessly. In the morning, I use Palmetto Derma to plump my fine lines so my makeup won’t crease on my forehead. At night, I apply Juice Beauty to correct my skin tone from acne and eczema scars. I’m typically hesitant to use too many things on my skin for fear of it yelling at me. However, this combination makes me feel like I’m not using as much product, and my face loves my new power couple.



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